Identity Crisis at Rafius Fane

I like to support local, independent businesses, and give a shout out, occasionally.  My local bookstore has a superb staff that knows their stuff and always has the book I’m looking for (or can get it seemingly overnight for no extra charge), the local Indian restaurant was making me these delicious special meals without tellingContinue reading “Identity Crisis at Rafius Fane”

Truth is Enough to Cause Anger

When my friend Kimbo posted this selfie to Facebook a couple of years ago, it was accompanied by the text “Writing new songs. Feeling inspired and angry. Grateful to be in the present emotionally. Living fearlessly with truth, love and as always Solidarity!” I looked at the picture again and I just didn’t see the anger.Continue reading “Truth is Enough to Cause Anger”


“Narcissism.”  “Ignorance & apathy.”  “Lack of empathy.” My box sat on a pedestal in Somerville’s Nave Gallery, quietly soliciting slips of paper with the anonymous confessions of visitors scribbled across them.  What disturbs you most in others?  I asked.  Then below it, in smaller writing, Oh, go on.  No one’s looking.  Jot it onto a scrapContinue reading “Shadowboxing”

Opening @ Blue Mountain in NYC

I am proud to have been one of 32 artists chosen from over 1,000 submissions for inclusion in the 2017 Juried show at Blue Mountain Gallery in NYC. Bed Head was selected for this show. Openings are great opportunities for artists to meet each other and share their concepts, processes, and aspirations. As one whoContinue reading “Opening @ Blue Mountain in NYC”

An Unlikely Compliment

Several years ago, when I found myself unemployed, I decided to pick up my paintbrushes and start painting again after about 20 years, and my friend Dennie proved a worthy subject.  Getting back into the groove was frustrating, finding that I had to grease some gears that hadn’t been turned in so long.  It’s a fairly crude painting, brushstrokesContinue reading “An Unlikely Compliment”

Self Portrait

The contents of this site are constantly changing – Artist’s Statement needs revising (always!), new paintings need to be added to the done, things like that.  Today, I was focusing on the description of commissions.  Not the process, really, as much as trying to steer the concept of the painting.  Some see my work and contact meContinue reading “Self Portrait”

Rupert, done

When a dog tucks a front paw under his/her chest, it indicates comfort; but crossing the front paws is pure contentment. Not all dogs cross their paws when they’re happy, but I’m fortunate to have one that does. I have a gajillion pictures of Rupert, but knew that this (taken about a year ago) would be theContinue reading “Rupert, done”

Rupert, in process

I’ve painted about eight Swissies, and I think a lot of people assume that they are all my own dog, Rupert.  I had been meaning to paint him, but I just never knew which image of him to paint — until I took this picture.  It’s nothing special, really.  Just a dog laying on the studio floor,Continue reading “Rupert, in process”