Truth is Enough to Cause Anger

When my friend Kimbo posted this selfie to Facebook a couple of years ago, it was accompanied by the text “Writing new songs. Feeling inspired and angry. Grateful to be in the present emotionally. Living fearlessly with truth, love and as always Solidarity!” I looked at the picture again and I just didn’t see the anger.Continue reading “Truth is Enough to Cause Anger”

Kimbo, almost done

Flesh tones on the face just need to be completed, with the correct highlights and shading, and I’ll probably add  a nostril piercing. I had envisioned more of a gritty look to this, and may play with some harsher brush strokes to better portray the mood, but we’ll see what happens.  What I find really interestingContinue reading “Kimbo, almost done”

Kimbo, some progress

I have made some progress on this, in the spaces around commissions.  There is actually more depth to this in person than my camera has managed to capture.  Perhaps one day I’ll learn to properly photograph my work.   I think the anger and the pride are starting to come through.  On this day, theContinue reading “Kimbo, some progress”