Red, White, and Blue

FullSizeRenderThis is not what it was supposed to look like. I was having fun with an expression of lightheartedness.  Mapping out the lines & colors, it took on a more serious expression of shock, but I thought that when I started in on the more refined brushwork, the true spirit of it would emerge.  Wrinkles in the forehead, the curl of a lip corner.  But it never did.

Honestly, I can’t quite tell if I never painted the true expression or if I did but just can’t see it here.  I look at it and I just see the state of America 2017.  I examine eye corners, looking for a hidden wry smile.  Nope, not there.  A diligent artist would go back and fix it.  OK, what lines and shading did I get wrong?  Let’s correct that.  But no, I must get back to Baxter in the snow.  He must be finished by Sunday.

Look what I’ve done.  I’ve projected my disgust with my country onto a perfectly good face.  Complete with red, white, and blue.




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