Opening @ Blue Mountain in NYC

I am proud to have been one of 32 artists chosen from over 1,000 submissions for inclusion in the 2017 Juried show at Blue Mountain Gallery in NYC. Bed Head was selected for this show.

Openings are great opportunities for artists to meet each other and share their concepts, processes, and aspirations. As one who tends to avoid being in a room full of strangers, this is the exception to my rule. Give us badges identifying each other, and we migrate toward our ilk, exchanging greetings and compliments and, sometimes, our business cards. I met artists from all over the country and look forward to following their future endeavors.

The show was curated by Priscilla Vail Caldwell and is up until January 28.  The Blue Mountain Gallery is located at 530 West 25th St, in the Chelsea district of NYC.

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