Baby Filia (30 x 48″)

I feel like this is my Madonna and Child of dog paintings. This was one of those commissions in which we were both in immediate agreement of which photo to use. With “adopt, don’t shop” as the battle cry of mixed-breed and rescue homes, this image offers a peek into the whelping box of aContinue reading “Baby Filia (30 x 48″)”

Shadows & Light (Rummy)

For someone who says she doesn’t paint the standard ‘head shot’ types of portraits, I certainly have done a few.  Sometimes I take the commission, but just don’t post it here; as it’s not the type of work that represents what I do. And yet, it does. Sure, my paintings are usually animated or goofy orContinue reading “Shadows & Light (Rummy)”

Intermittent Reinforcers

Like most of us, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  While it has always been obvious that the user is the product on a free social media platform, Zuckerberg’s despicable brand of greedy exploitation of others to serve his own self-interest has its own strain of wanton deceit (obvious to anyone who listened toContinue reading “Intermittent Reinforcers”

He’s in a Good Place

After having my work hung at Christopher’s in Cambridge, I was contacted by a local veterinary clinic interested in exhibiting my dog paintings on a rotating basis.  They were fairly new to their address and the walls were bare.  I met with them and we hit it off; nice people with a vision compatible withContinue reading “He’s in a Good Place”