Newman, on the Easel

img_3856Newman is one of the funniest dogs that I know.  He’s got that dopey complacency that I so love in the big, houndy boys.  Newman is the type of dog that doesn’t understand the physics of leashes and legs, and will get himself completely tangled up, but just keep walking, anyway, unfazed.  So, when his human requested a painting, I was thrilled…  but unsure which expression to capture.  Like me, his dad enjoys the dopey humor in some of his expressions, but he’s also a very proud dad, hanging pictures at the office and all, so maybe we should stick with something a little more flattering?  Newman shares the trait with almost all other hounds of extreme focus on food, and while I was baiting a lab mix with a morsel of stinky tripe, I caught Newman in my peripheral vision with the most dreamlike expression.  So I snapped a quick pic and went “Aha!  That’s the one!”  His dad agreed.

Many more layers to be added and blended, but he’s off to an OK start.

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