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As a kid, I drew the faces I saw around me, and started painting with oils at age 12.  Now, as a local dog walker photographing the faces of those who surround me during the day, I find myself zooming and cropping, finding that the expressions they offer are begging to be put on canvas.  Sometimes funny, sometimes enigmatic, sometimes simply anthropomorphic, they have brought me back to the task of trying to convey that expression.  In the process, I find that something unique to each comes through, and it’s the magic of that slow, unraveling revelation that has me transfixed in this endeavor of painting faces. There is no other motive, really.  No hidden meanings, no socio-political agendas, no bold statements.  Just dogs being dogs and people being people.  Sometimes, we’re not so different.

If a following develops, here, great; but, I created this site more to hold me accountable to myself; to the application, to the process, of creating paintings.  I work excruciatingly slowly, I’m easily distracted, and I am an incorrigible procrastinator.  In a world of diversions and distractions constantly summoning, this helps me to stay focused. Here, I aim to chronicle the progression of each piece to allow the viewer, the reader, the dog owner, the client to become a voyeur to the process, thereby keeping myself accountable. If you’d like to peek in on it, welcome.  The door is open.img_0688

Thanks for stopping by.

Nancy Anderson
27 Nov 2011
Somerville, MA

13 thoughts on “what it is

  1. Dear Nancy, Your dog paintings really spoke to me. I saw them at True Grounds this morning. I went and got my friend (a pit owner and lover) and brought her back to the coffee shop. “Blue” brought tears to her eyes. It was magical and I wanted to share that moment with you. I was wondering if your art was for sale and how much “tootsie and the mothership” was priced for. I have never bought true art and I’d love to start with that painting. I also have a beautiful Newfoundland dog and would love to discuss a commission. I imagine that is much more expensive. Please let me know. I’ll be back to True Grounds with my husband on Tuesday to show him. Thank you, Ellie

    1. Oh, thank you, Ellie! Exhibiting work can create feelings of vulnerability, so it means so much to me to hear such kind things. I’m thrilled that Blue had that effect on your friend. I have never met a dog that just embodies pure joy the way that he does, and I wondered if (and hoped that) it would come through in the painting. So, I really appreciate hearing that.

      I will email you re: Tootsie and info on commissions. I love Newfies!
      Thanks again :0)

  2. Hi Nancy!

    I saw your awesome paintings of dogs at True Grounds. We live in Ball Square, too. I’d love to talk to you about possibly painting our beloved beagle.

    If you’re interested, could you email me?


  3. Hi Nancy,

    I found that I’m repeating the exact same sentiments as the others! This morning I caught The Mothership returns for Tootsie at True Grounds and it made me smile thinking of my pup at home. I would be interested in learning more about the commission process when you have a chance.

    Thanks so much!


  4. Hi Nancy,
    I just caught your wonderful dog works at True Grounds. My heart aches to have a dog in my life, but it is not possible right now. I live in an apartment that is almost too small for me, so a dog would not be happy here. I would be able to make room for a small dog on my wall, however. Are all your paintings as big as the ones at True Grounds?

    1. Hi, GB. Pretty much. I think that my subject matter and compositions would lose their effect on smaller canvases – although I’m always willing to try new approaches! Email me anytime, or stop by Arts at the Armory during Somerville Open Studios on the first weekend in May (I’ll be working on a 24 x 24″ because it’s the smallest I have to travel with!), and we can talk about it. I’ll be in the gallery.

    1. They never really leave us, do they? That dog (Link) lives up in NH now, but he had a sparky personality when I knew him, and I was glad to be able to capture that moment in time. Cattle dogs have quite the personalities. ❤

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