Furbo, started

Some dogs I like better than others.  Beagles definitely fall into the ‘better’ category.  They’re funny little dogs, with their quirky little habits and insistence on doing them. Furbo’s humans chose to have him portrayed in all his glorious joy – in the grass with his ball at his feet, letting out a big beagleContinue reading “Furbo, started”

Home at Last

She said that they had the perfect wall to hang this painting. His mom (I never know what to call the people who share their lives with dogs.  They’re not parents, but they’re not owners.  “Guardian” is so proper, and “companion” is so contrived.  OK, so his mom) wanted to have it before Thanksgiving, asContinue reading “Home at Last”

The Side Eye, on the Easel

A bit of a departure from my usual type of subject, but her expression made me laugh.  Sometimes with commissions, it takes a while to find (or take) just the right photo; but not so, with Lucy.  The side-eye is an expression that she is known and loved for. Just need to do all thatContinue reading “The Side Eye, on the Easel”

Clay and the Swissy Snooze

Christopher’s on Mass Ave in Cambridge is one of my favorite restaurants; not just because the food is always local and great, but because the artwork they exhibit on the walls is always local and great.  So, I was happy to have my work among those accepted for a 6-week stint, there. I needed toContinue reading “Clay and the Swissy Snooze”

On Vulnerability

Last week, I attended a conversation between Krista Tippett (many know her from NPR’s On Being) and poet David Whyte which centered around the theme of vulnerability.  With Tippett’s recent Civil Conversations project, vulnerability was approached more as an experience of engaging in political discussions with those whose choice we don’t understand, but the wordContinue reading “On Vulnerability”

Baxter, sketch

Once a painting of Baxter was commissioned, I started following his goofy and lovable expressions online, to get a better feel for his personality.  A true snow dog, he is happiest when surrounded by the white stuff, and this painting will show him in his true glory, snow capping his head and muzzle.  Now that the basic outline isContinue reading “Baxter, sketch”

Truth is Enough to Cause Anger

When my friend Kimbo posted this selfie to Facebook a couple of years ago, it was accompanied by the text “Writing new songs. Feeling inspired and angry. Grateful to be in the present emotionally. Living fearlessly with truth, love and as always Solidarity!” I looked at the picture again and I just didn’t see the anger.Continue reading “Truth is Enough to Cause Anger”