Home at Last


She said that they had the perfect wall to hang this painting.

His mom (I never know what to call the people who share their lives with dogs.  They’re not parents, but they’re not owners.  “Guardian” is so proper, and “companion” is so contrived.  OK, so his mom) wanted to have it before Thanksgiving, as they were having the family over, and this wall with the track lighting facing the front door entrance could really have used a painting of a Swissy.  That’s fine.  It was hanging at Christopher’s in Cambridge, but I could replace it there with another that I had just finished.

When I painted this from a photo posted to a Swissy group on Facebook, I had never met the dog, and I wasn’t even painting his face.  So, when I drove to drop it off, I was thrilled to finally meet Clay.  I worked on this painting for quite a while (with my little brushes), and there was a familiarity that I gained with him (well, with his paws, and his chin, and his belly…) and so when I met him, I kind of felt like I knew him, already.  Weird how that is.

Anyway, I love it when I receive pictures of paintings once they are finally hung in their homes!


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