Clay and the Swissy Snooze

Christopher’s on Mass Ave in Cambridge is one of my favorite restaurants; not just because the food is always local and great, but because the artwork they exhibit on the walls is always local and great.  So, I was happy to have my work among those accepted for a 6-week stint, there.
36 x 48"
I needed to focus on creating larger work to fill the spaces on the brick walls.  I had a couple of larger Swissy paintings off to the side in limbo while I finished some commissions.  Many people don’t have the wall space for a 36 x 48″ painting, and I find myself painting a lot of smaller pieces that leaves me yearning for a larger canvas to cover.  So, needing to fill the walls at Christopher’s gave me the permission to put the smaller canvases aside while I finished Clay and then Osa.

I ended up spending so much time on Clay and his couch-zonked slumber that I didn’t quite get to Osa, but Clay is done.


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