April 19: I got a little lost on details (as usual), and started playing with things I’d already finished. I have pearlescent ink which I wanted to try on the pearls… but that didn’t really go as planned! But it’s now completed and waiting to dry a little before transporting it to NJ.

March 26: Some progress on Caboo. I wanted to name it Boo, but didn’t want to imply fright since her posture can resemble a sense of fear and her eye may need to be relaxed a bit (what do you think? Post in comments!). I failed to take a pic of the sketch, but here the color mapping is complete and some work has been done on the couch, tans, and white. I almost forgot her signature pearls, but I’ve outlined them in and will add a couple (though shadowed) under her chin!

People are often surprised that I work upside down, but it really helps to lose subconscious preconceptions of where lines and curves are supposed to go… because so often our brains are wrong. Anyway, I’m posting this to show the actual status in the studio: painting upside down, photo above for reference, early afternoon light beaming through the window.

As layers are added, colors and shading improved, and details corrected, I’ll post more updates. Since changing studio hours to morning, my time there is more productive and I’m hoping to start whipping through paintings more quickly to catch up from the pandemic lag. This painting should be done within two weeks.

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