A Comfortable Couch, 48 x 36″

IMG_7805I worked this up from an old photo I had, on an old computer.  Rupert has been gone almost a year now, and the couch didn’t survive the move a few years ago to a smaller apartment.  God, he loved that couch.  After a long day in a busy city retail shop or a good hike on the trails, he would climb up into it and collapse into a glob, dripping off the sides like candle wax that snored.  Sometimes, I wasn’t sure where the dog ended and the couch began.

And so I thought it would make an interesting painting.  I love darkness that ends only where light exposes curves and corners of physical matter, leading the viewer to note the subject consciously while also perhaps contemplating the dark, subconsciously.  The light evolves out of the dark, which seems a fitting analogy to the human condition, itself.  Or 2018, at least.

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