Self Portrait

The contents of this site are constantly changing – Artist’s Statement needs revising (always!), new paintings need to be added to the done, things like that.  Today, I was focusing on the description of commissions.  Not the process, really, as much as trying to steer the concept of the painting.  Some see my work and contact me to do a commission, saying “I like your unique eye,” or “Your composition is interesting,” then they send me pictures that are straight-up head & shoulders serious images, and balk when I crop it or suggest a goofier expression. I’m a sucker for trying to please everyone, but a lot of time can be saved by being more clear in what I will and will not accept.

Anyway, while I was in there, I also edited it to remove most references to dogs.  I know, I know – everyone wants a painting of their dog; but, I love painting people, too.

This painting is from 2012, but it was never posted here.  It’s a bit flat, but I do wish more people commissioned paintings of themselves with their dog.

Hint, hint.

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