Dozer Dog Done

No matter how many times I photograph this and play with the image settings, the hues on the right side of the face come out stronger (brighter) than they really are.  Gr.  Once it dries and I can move it around more easily to shoot in different lighting, I will repost with a more accurate image.

For now, I’m just happy that Dozer is done.  I did enjoy painting him, and found that I did about 80% of it upside-down. Although I’m always turning the canvas on the easel to get a better angle on the area that I’m painting (and this canvas is almost as tall as I am), Dozer just always seemed to be upside-down.  I like that, by removing the “image” from the brain’s interpretation, I’m working purely on lines and proportions and colors, not ears and nostrils and eyes.

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