Dozer almost done

Oops. I owe Rupert an ice cream.  I did paint for a couple of hours yesterday, but then kept painting…  and painting.  Guess I finally just hit the groove with this one.  [Yea!]  Just need to do the nose and then finish up with highlights and other little details.

It’s funny how paintings evolve.  Though rare, I’ve had one or two  spill out over the course of a week.  Others, I find myself trying to draw out of the canvas (ironic that the word draw has these two meanings?), spending an hour here, an hour there, mixing paint and staring at the canvas and dabbing and blending and undoing and making faces.  I always try to invoke the personality of the subject (er, not literally) while working on them, and maybe Dozer is just that slow-pokey kind of guy…

…and this why I will never set fees based on number of hours worked!

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