Velocity (or, Oops- Missed Again) coming along…

The word “velocity” is from the late Middle English: from French vélocité or Latinvelocitas, from velox, veloc- ‘swift’. Defined, it means 1. the speed of something in a particular direction; 2. high speed. I think it a fine name for a painting of a Jack Russell Terrier.  Or, a failed attempt at capturing the entire dog. I was having a hard time decidingContinue reading “Velocity (or, Oops- Missed Again) coming along…”

Betty final

Finally, Betty is done. One of the first things that I tell people when inquiring about commissions is that I don’t do the standard head & shoulders portrait.  There is nothing more uninteresting to me than the same old dime-a-dozen paintings of dogs just sitting there, looking at the viewer.  [yawn] I can’t explain whyContinue reading “Betty final”

Betty (redirect)

No, this doesn’t look anything like the sketch in the previous post.  Betty has very soulful eyes, and although the previous image carries with it a touching story, it failed to capture the essence that her eyes normally possess.  Betty is the wise older woman to Addie’s imp.  Betty is the regal queen to Addie’s courtContinue reading “Betty (redirect)”

Addie (underpainting)

There is this odd hesitation that I have between the sketch and the underpainting, as though it’s not just the quick, playful application of paint to map out the colors.  Ah, well; it’s mapped out now, and I can start to apply the real paint.  Background will change to a deep red to help theContinue reading “Addie (underpainting)”