Velocity (or, Oops- Missed Again) coming along…

24 x 36"
The word “velocity” is from the late Middle English: from French vélocité or Latinvelocitas, from veloxveloc- ‘swift’. Defined, it means 1. the speed of something in a particular direction; 2. high speed. I think it a fine name for a painting of a Jack Russell Terrier.  Or, a failed attempt at capturing the entire dog.

I was having a hard time deciding on the background – whether to blend it all perfectly (as my somewhat neurotic painting habits would normally demand) or allow it to remain messy, with lots of visible brushstrokes (which is what I was aiming for, but can never quite do).  So, somewhere in between is where it is.

Still have to blend shading and do belly and add detail on the front paws…

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