Lots going on!

IMG_8027Well, I’ve managed to neglect my updates for the past several months, but there has actually been a lot going on.  First, I moved into a larger studio space, which has had the unexpected (though not surprising) effect of increasing my productivity.  I liked my old space, but as I produced more paintings, was finding myself getting more and more constrained in the physical space.  So, when a studio mate decided to move out, I moved into her larger space.  Once I spread out physically, I found myself starting to spread out mentally and creatively.  Funny how that works.

I started working on a couple of commissions for friends – each one a gift that they requested for others, with special significance.  While I love each of the photos that were requested, they were departures from my normal aim.


Leif and Darwin presented a certain challenge because… well, to be honest, I don’t have an affinity with cats and was concerned how that would translate on the canvas.  Their stripes were a great technical focal point for me, and I enjoyed getting lost in the therapeutic brushstrokes involved in blending them!




Blanquita was from a photo that a friend of a friend had taken on a flight home to NYC from Puerto Rico, where he was vacationing and met this sato.  He had filtered the image a little, and a friend forwarded it to me to paint as a gift for him.  This image of her almost as if anticipating a new life of love & comfort was compelling, to me.

I was also offered the walls of a salon in Boston’s South End to exhibit my work.  At first, I balked.  ‘I want a solo show in a gallery, not a hair salon,’ said my entitled artist self.  When I went to meet with them, I realized that IMG_6559the folks at Kent Newton Salon on Washington Street know what they’re doing.  They select only four artists per year, each leaving the work up for a few months.  One of the aspects that I love about this venue is that all of the mirrors provide a really great visual effect, creating faces everywhere you look.  The opening was held on the First Friday of August (SoWa has a lively First Friday scene!), and I so appreciate my friends and fans who came out to enjoy some bubbly and hors d’oevres.  My work is up until November 27 (and I will be rotating pieces a bit as work is sold and/or new work is completed).  Kent Newton is at 1315 Washington Street.  Super people, too!  Go visit.



One of our local businesses, Float Boston, offered a program for local artists in order to show how flotation tanks can increase creativity.  From my floats, I was inspired to paint portraits of plants — but on a grid of smaller canvas panels.  Each on its own is an abstract image, but collectively portray the plant image. I call it Gestalt painting (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts). This one is a Vinca.  This is just the underpainting, and I’ll blog its progress separately.  Lots to say in this one!


OK, off to do some more work so that I can post an update later in the week…  I promise that I will.


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