The Interlude of Sketches

imageI was thrilled to have my work selected for the  Sketchbook Show at the Nave Gallery Annex in Davis Square earlier this year, and was then excited to learn that it attracted more visitors than any other show at that gallery.  I am inspired by every show at the Nave, and that show was no exception –  there’s some really creative stuff in my fellow artists’ sketchbooks!

imageI love drawing faces – whether they’re human or canine or equine. I also like the messiness of sketchbooks- the mental notes scribbled in the margins, the shopping list added at the bottom. The addition of text, of handwriting added in the process of the sketch, adds a thoughtful dimension to a casual impression.

And so it happened that as I roamed from room to room browsing the varied collection of sketches hanging by little binder clips, I was inspired to start sketching more. I should step away from faces, I thought. I should just allow myself to play in some other subject matter…  but faces intrigue me, and I thought of how old sepia photos draw me in… historical faces… and perhaps I would include a quote by the subject.

I’ve not been very good at keeping up with my commitment, but will try to post them here on a regular basis.

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