A Very Good Boy

44 x 28"

All along, this painting was called “Monty & Friends” because, well, that’s Monty there with his horse friends Jackie (left) and Eddie (right).  This is a zoomed and cropped portion of a much larger image that a Swissy friend had posted to an online forum.  I wanted to paint it.

I was living in Maine at the time and not painting at all, but I went out to find stretcher bars and canvas, and I stretched and primed the canvas, put down a sketch, and started the underpainting.

That’s about as far as it got.  I was doing my internship in herbalism and working at a natural pharmacy, and my life was otherwise occupied on that course.  Eventually, I got a new job with a nutritionist, moved back to Somerville, and the canvas was forgotten and cast aside and eventually it was destroyed out of sheer negligence.  Eh, I thought, I was never going to finish it, anyway.

A few months ago, the image reappeared on another list that I’m on. Hey, it’s Monty and his big friends!  I stretched a new canvas, knowing that I would actually finish the painting, this time.

I had kind of a tunnel vision on this one, and I didn’t post periodic updates.  When it was almost done, I did send a pic to Kim, the woman who belongs to these magnificent animals.  She commented on Monty’s expression and shared the backstory:  Monty was always a little frightened of the horses, and here in this image, she had put him in a sit/stay.  With the horses looming over him (gentle as they are!), his expression best illustrates his dilemma.

I then thought that maybe I should call it simply “Stay,”  but really…  Monty is just a very, very good boy.

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