Tootsie started…

I loved the way the sunshine hit her face as she was looking up.

As I was putting down the basic sketch, I was using pencil rather than charcoal, and was working in a more detailed way.  Normally, I just throw down some charcoal lines and go, but I was kind of getting into it.  This canvas is 20″ x 24″ – which is smaller than I’ve been working, and I was reminded of how much I loved doing smaller, more detailed work.  I wanted to just sit and use tiny brushes and be anal.  It also made me want to just draw, which I haven’t done in, um… years.

Tootsie is an awesome, happy little Pit Bull.  Maybe it’s not so coincidental that I chose to start this at a time when McDonald’s issued a new ad saying that it’s safer to eat Chicken McNuggets than to pet a Pit Bull (which is, of course, completely ludicrous on so many levels).

Anyway, I’ll pet Toots any day over eating a box of toxic crap.

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