fun with experimentation…

So, in stepping up to the easel… one night I just suck, and the next I’m completely in the zone. I know that this is just how it is for all artists, but what is up with that?

Because I’m hiking or walking dogs all day, I paint at night. I also love NPR, so I often combine the two and listen to On Point or Terry Gross or the Moth Radio Hour or whatever is on. I love them (until BBC News comes on and I run to turn it off before I develop a facial tic).

The thing is, if you allow yourself to paint without any talking, your brain goes into this beta-mode kind of thing where it’s like a waking meditation.  Hard to explain, but it’s like you have absolutely no conscious control over your thoughts, and they’re just below consciousness.  I assume it has something to do with the left brain shutting down and allowing the right to kind of take over, but…  I don’t know.  I should probably dust off one of the books I have in the bookshelf dealing with creativity and the brain.

Anyway, I’m wondering if what I’m listening to is influencing my painting.  Am I forcing my left brain to butt in when my right wants my whole head to itself?  What if, instead of listening to a show on, say, some scientific theory, I have Verdi playing in the background? Hmm.

I’m sure Harvard has done some study on this, but I need to see for myself…

I’ll report back.

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