Link (almost done)

LinkyI have to say that the complexity of Link’s coat intimidated me.  As an Australian Cattle Dog, there are so many hairs of different colors all mottled in there together, that I just stared at the photo for a while.  This is a perfect exercise of using oils to layer.  And layer, and layer, and layer…

Once the black dries a bit, I can finish up with the longer and tuftier hairs in and under the ears, on the side of the cheek, etc.

Kiko (done!)

36" x 24"
Of the pics that I narrowed it down to (from the photo shoot), this was not the one that I most wanted to paint; but, now, I see that it couldn’t have been any other.  I love this choice… the way she’s bumbling up over the hill, happy to be a Jack Russell on a sunny day…

This is why the people who live with the dogs get to choose the shot.

Catch (done!)

I put a blank canvas on the easel this morning and thought “Ah.  A blank canvas.  What better thing could there be?” Then I quickly answered “A finished painting.”  So, yea.

Catch is actually hanging at True Grounds for a little while.  One of the (many) reasons that I love supporting local businesses is that they support their community, back.  True Grounds has been so supportive of local artists, and we appreciate that.

Molly (underpainting)

She was looking straight up at me, and as I enlarged the image in my camera, I noticed that I was reflected in her eyes.

( It’s true: dogs really do mirror us.)

I spend a crazy amount of time on underpaintings.  Really, there’s no need for all of this detail.  Still, it’s the way that I work and now I can just get to work painting it…